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Italian cuisine

Italian food is one of the most popular and widely adopted cuisines the world over. Healthy, delicious and already so familiar to everybody ... Pizza, Pasta, Lasagna, Risotto, Tiramisu, Polenta, Panna Cotta - these words sound like music to the ears of any gourmet! And do not forget about a refreshing cup of Italian coffee, aromatic cheese and high quality fragrant wines filled with the sun - a real anthem to the admirers of dolce far niente!

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Japanese cuisine

You will definitely be thrilled with the skills of the Japanese chefs, who can create a real masterpiece with the help of a relatively small amount of the simplest ingredients. The idea is to use minimum safe thermal treatment of foods to make the vitamin-rich meal with the natural genuine aroma. Beautifully-presented dishes and elegant table-setting is a bright example of the modern culinary art. It looks so beautiful it is a pity to eat it.

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European cuisine

Traditional restaurant-quality meals of the European cuisine will take You on the unforgettable journey through culinary history and culture of every country. It has been a wonderful idea to gather the best recipes of the European countries "under the same roof". No need to go abroad now - our talented chefs have mastered the art of cooking French, Italian and German meals for You.

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Grilled food.

What can be tastier than a fresh, full-flavored piece of meat? Only the One cooked on the grill! Juicy, finger-licking, appetizing, delicious piece of smoked meat! Even when You are too busy and have no time for a picnic, do not deny Yourself a pleasure to enjoy the best-tasting barbecued meal right in the office or at home, we will deliver it to any place and any time.

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